Penetration Testing

A penetration test (pen test) is an authorized simulated attack performed on a computer system to evaluate its security. Penetration testers use the same tools, techniques, and processes as attackers to find and demonstrate system weakness. Be it white-box, grey-box or black-box, ACS will exploit the vulnerabilities in your systems and provide extremely valuable insight to your organization about their security posture and resiliency.

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3 Reasons NOT to Skip Pen Testing

Pen Testing Reveals Previously Undetected Weaknesses

Deficiencies in your cybersecurity plan are rarely obvious. Uncover these shortcomings with a friendly agent–before a malicious actor finds them. Once weaknesses are identified, they can be repaired.

Many Regulatory Agencies Require Pen Testing for Compliance

Many regulatory bodies, such as HIPAA, the PCI Security Standards Council, GDPR, and SOC2 require routine system testing to remain in compliance with their standards.

Pen Testing Helps Avoid Costly Data Breaches and System Downtime

If you suffer a breach that results in stolen confidential information or a disabled system, the cost can be catastrophic. Pen testing helps you maintain the most stringent cybersecurity protocols available.