Advisory Services Provide?

Your virtual CISO is an outsourced resource dedicated to your cybersecurity needs. Our experienced consultants provide guidance and risk assessment to develop effective cybersecurity strategies and improve your overall security posture. Services include:

  • Security assessment by industry-leading cybersecurity professionals.
  • Advanced analysis of your current security strategies.
  • A detailed assessment of your information security risks.
  • Guidance for establishing custom long and short-term cybersecurity strategies.
  • Continuous monitoring of cybersecurity threats.
  • Regular advisory services for all aspects of your cybersecurity posture.

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Why Choose vCISO Services?

Reason #1

Establish an Entity Dedicated Exclusively to Information Security

Eliminate internal audits and the need for self-reporting of weaknesses. Instead, engage an independent entity with no agenda other than to identify and resolve issues to improve your company-wide security.

Reason #2

Reduce the Risk and Severity of Cybersecurity Breaches

Cybersecurity breaches may be inevitable, but catastrophic loss is not. An experienced cybersecurity service can not only identify threats but can help mitigate loss in the event of a breach.

Reason #3

Reduce Overhead Expenses

The salary of a full-time executive level Chief Information Security Officer is a heavy financial burden for any growing business. Does your business need an experienced cybersecurity advisor but can’t justify the salary of another executive? Alexander Cybersecurity’s vCISO services are the perfect solution. 

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