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Advanced Managed
Detection & Response

We offer advanced Managed Detection and Response (MDR) solutions, 24/7 monitoring, alerting, and response capabilities to proactively identify and mitigate cyber threats.

Alert Triage &

When your business is subject to a multi-faceted cyber attack, the first step to neutralizing the event is to identify all active threats and prioritize appropriate response mechanisms. We offer 24/7 monitoring, active alert systems, and immediate response to threats placing your organization in peril.

You can’t resolve a problem you don’t understand.

Cloud Monitoring

Does your business rely on cloud-based technologies? Cloud monitoring identifies security, hardware, and database vulnerabilities in real time. Effective monitoring is perhaps the most important tool for ensuring your cloud system’s security because it allows a fast and effective response.

Vulnerability Monitoring

ISO 27002:2002 identifies vulnerability as the “weakness of an asset or control that can be exploited by one or more threats.” ACS vulnerability monitoring possesses an extensive knowledge of both system weaknesses and the strategies malicious actors will use to attack them.

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